It all started 40+ years ago in a backyard sandbox. Tonka trucks and toy John Deere graders, backhoes, and bulldozers were the tools of the day. Brothers, neighbors and friends were the workforce, and a dream was born.

The years that followed were productive in the wealth of education and experience that took place within the industry. The difference was that the toys became life size and practical for real construction work. Working throughout New England and New York for over 20 years, our founder gained the strength, ability, and knowledge that lead to our culmination.

In 2001 the dream was realized. Rafferty Fine Grading, Inc. opened its doors as a primary grading company. The following year we expanded our crew and fleet to incorporate reclamation and compaction. The next step was key to our success. We took on hauling our own equipment, which enabled us to further refine our ability to maintain and manage our schedule.

As the years ticked by, we’ve added multiple pieces of support equipment, developed our staff, and became an industry leader in the heavy highway construction industry.

We currently specialize in full service reclamation and cold planning services. We go above and beyond standard services and offer you the support necessary to complete your project successfully.

Welcome to the family!